Used Car Finder

Finding the right vehicle is not so easy. Price range, model, mileage, used or new – many factors influence the final decision. With used car finder, the work is easier for you. The hour-long search and the extensive comparison is not needed. Increase your dream car budget by quickly and easily selling your used car: will help you to find the right car in this way.

We have a certified evaluation system and a quick payment method so that you can use the current market value of your car to finance your new vehicle as fast as possible. You can read in our informative article how you can find your desired car, how you can best sell the previous one and how you can get the best price for it in order to invest this sum into your dream car. Have a look with the help of our online tools at the average value.

How does a car finder work?

A car finder is a suitable opportunity for drivers who would like to get a new car but would like to avoid the hassle and the time spent searching. This service is especially used by employed persons, who can’t find the time to select the right car. There are more and more services on the internet that will search for the desired car for you so that you don’t have to lift a finger. You can simply place the order for the car search by providing your special wishes such as manufacture year, colour and maximum price. Within a predetermined time, suitable offers from various sellers and buyers will be found and presented to you. If you have found one that meets your wishes and expectations, then inform the car finder and you can pick-up the car, or under various conditions, your old car can be exchanged. Some dealers will deliver your vehicle right to your door.

The service is not only for used cars, but also for brand-new cars. Some car finders have extended their services and offer along with the car search, the search for a workshop.

What to do with the used car?

If an exchange was not offered then you will have to take care of the sale of your used car. Since ads in car classifieds often require a lot of time and effort, car owners then sell their cars to dealers. The payment is made in cash or via bank transfer. If your dealer has your desired car then a trade-in is offered. However, you must remember with this option, you do not get the market value of your car, but a much lower price. Due to commissions and resale value, the offer and the actual value do not match.

Purchasing a car online as a simple possibility

Our car online purchase presents the ideal alternative to classifieds, car dealerships, etc. We immediately buy used cars after a comprehensive car assessment at their individual price in one of our national locations and immediately transfer the money to your bank account. While you are taking care of your new car, we are looking after the deregistration with the authorities. Likewise, we are your ideal partner for the purchase of defective or very old vehicles. We will take on, as part of our free service, delayed loan repayments, professional disposal, export or redeem a pawn. This way you can focus on your new car.