Dubai is a modern city. Many government initiatives are moving are under the umbrella of the so-called e-government or “smart government” project. If you would like to sell your car in Dubai, you can come to us and we will handle the entire car selling process.
All you need to bring is your ID and registration card (“Mulkiya”), which shows the owner of the car, among others.
Once we have agreed on a price, you would simply have to sign a purchase agreement. exclusively uses certified agreements (“Mubayaa”), which allow us to transfer the title of your car.

Selling a car in Dubai can be a very tiring process. There are generally 2 options:
Either you sell to a consumer (C2C) or you decide to sell to a business (C2B). While selling C2C you will have to deal with numerous calls from time-wasters, fun test-drives for the sake of it, tire-kickers, risky payment procedures, education of the processes and lengthy meetings with strangers at your doorstep, while your car’s value is depreciating. On average it will take you 4-6 weeks to sell a car to a consumer, most of the times, rendering you with a loss of several thousand dirhams in car value depreciation and time lost.
Selling to a business means that you would have to get the car inspected first, which many dealers are charging you up to 1000 AED for. Moreover, 75% of the cars in the UAE are older than 3 years, making the vast majority of the vehicles not worth the showroom real estate of the dealers. Hence, not desirable to purchase, unless you buy a brand-new car from them – leaving you stuck to one dealer and therefore weak in negotiations. Most dealers are specialised on specific cars, such as luxury, low-end or even scrap cars. The coordination effort to identify the business willing to pay most for your car will be time-consuming and hence value depreciating. You would also want to avoid that a dealer just forwards your car to another trader with or without your knowledge. solves all your problems, as we take away the cost of car valuation, time (and hence depreciation), car inspection, payment risk and market coordination. As one of the most established car buyers in the UAE, we know how to purchase a car in Dubai and across all other Emirates.

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