“How much is my used car still worth?” – Many car owners who want to sell their car, ask themselves this question. Whether it’s too old for them, had an accident or they simply want to switch to another make: Regardless of the motivation for asking the question “How much is my used car still worth?”, the determination of the rest value is necessary for a satisfying sale. At this point, another question appears, where can you let this value get estimated?

SellCarGetCash.com with its innovative two-step evaluation system, answers you the question: “How much is my used car still worth?” – completely without obligation and free of charge. We determine the current value of your used car with a certified evaluation system and therefore offer you the best price for your car. Sell your car to us and profit from our extensive after-sale service, which takes car of any formalities for you and transfers the money to your account or even cash.

How much is my used car still worth? We answer competently!

When you ask yourself: “How much is my used car still worth?”, use our modern evaluation system. Before an appraisal in one of our branches, you have the opportunity to determine the value online. Simply enter the general information like the car model and the year into our online form and you will get a first answer for “How much is my used car still worth?” But remember, that this is only an estimation value that gives an average price at the current used car market. The individual characteristics of your car can only be evaluated by an expert.

We can assure you this evaluation through a car expert. Simply book an appointment online or by phone and come to our branch. During our standardized inspection process, the answer to the question “How much is my used car still worth?” can be determined precisely. In which condition is the car? Is there any special equipment? Were the maintenance intervals met? Are there accessories like a navigation system or a CD-player? If you have a luggage rack or a tow-bar, bring them to the appointment too. This way, your car’s value can be determined accurately. Afterwards, you can sell directly to us.