We often ask ourselves: who buys used cars? This question arises in your mind, especially when you want to sell your car and you are looking for the right direction. Well, there are many different kinds of buyers including car buying websites, dealers, private buyers and car buying specialists. These are the four main buyer types that encompass the whole car buying industry.

You may have many questions such as who will buy my car for maximum profit and how you can manage that. Once you have the basic information, you will notice that the process becomes a lot smoother and the transition is much easier.

Here are some things that you should know about each of these buyers. Read on for a complete guide.

Who Buys Used Cars – Dealers

Dealers are perhaps the main and the first choice of many people who want to sell their car. You will often notice many dealers with slogans such as we buy cars for cash and they often offer a very lucrative deal that you cannot refuse. This is something that sets them apart from the rest of the car buying market. This is good, but there are some drawbacks of selling your car to a dealer.

First of all, they have many requirements and they are very rigid in their decisions. Since they want to buy your car at a price that is suitable for them, they will often give you a quote which is less than what you expected. This is because they want to resale the car they buy from you and they will want to resale it with a good profit. So, buying the car for less is very crucial for them.

They also have some requirements. For example, the cash cars they buy are not older than 2 or 3 years. Since the car industry is changing so rapidly, they want to increase their chances of a sale and that can only happen if the car they resale has relatively new features. So, this is another restriction you might have to overcome if you decide to sell your car to a dealer.

Private Buyers and Car Buying Websites

The private buyers and car buying websites are often taken as well. Since you will have to reach the private buyers somehow, the car buying websites become the first priority. These are classified websites that have impressive outreach. Both buyers and sellers use these websites to connect with people who either want to sell their websites or they want to buy used cars.

The deals you make via these websites are usually for cash for cars. But there are some people who would like to trade cars as well. If you do decide to trade your cars, make sure that you are familiar with the features of both cars and see how much the other car is worth and then make a deal accordingly. The best way to make a deal would be to come to terms about everything, make a written agreement that both parties would sign so that there no future hassles in any way.

However, if you reach the private buyer through a classified, you will have to be a little careful. You may find many insensitive people, you will just want to prank you and waste your time. Also, be very careful when and where you meet people. Always make sure that you meet them in a crowded area and that there are a lot of people around you. Your safety is always more important.

Car Buying Specialists

Car buying specialists are unique buyers who buy cars for cash. To contact them, you will have to simply go to their websites and fill in some very basic information about your car and you will be given an instant estimated quote. If you like it, you can arrange a meeting with an expert from the company. You will take your car to their location nearest to you where your car will be physically inspected.

They will give you the final quote for the price and if you like it you can sell your car right in that moment, leave your car behind and walk away with your cash. This whole process is completed in a matter of 30 minutes or less. If you do not like their quote, you can always walk away with your car. This physical inspection is obligation free.

Another great thing about choosing to sell your car to a car buying specialist is that you will not have to worry about the paper work regarding your car. You will be given your cash and that will be it from your side. This is the way you make it simple and know who buys used cars. The car buying specialist will take care of all the paperwork associated with the sale and you will be given a copy of the file. This is one of the highly recommended methods of selling your car in Dubai.

If you want to sell a used car in the UAE, try our car valuation tool and take the first step towards selling a car in just 30 minutes.