Before you put up an advertisement for your used car, the most fundamental question that comes up in the sellers mind is how much should I sell my car for? What worth should I put on it?

Some sellers like to estimate themselves, mostly according to how much amount they are in need of at that moment. While others use a more professional approach by getting it valued through a third party, ideally a car specialist.

Nonetheless, knowing an estimated amount against your used car before hand is something very important in the used car selling process. But the process does not stop here! It is also crucial for you to know some of the safe and quick ways you can receive your payment. This way you would know whether the method suggested by the buyer is reliable or not.

This article will talk about some of the methods of car valuation that will help you to know how much my car is worth as well as some reliable payment methods.

Car Valuation

Car valuation is when car specialist and dealers calculate the worth of your used car. This depends on the mileage, exterior and interior condition along with other generic features like car model, options, safety features among others. Knowing the value of a car helps in settling a realistic car price as well as drafting a sales pitch against your car and its value.

There are several ways and mediums through which a used car can be valued. These are as follows:

Online Car Valuation

Various online websites have emerged that contains a car value calculator that helps to give an estimated worth of your used car after asking for just a few details.

This amount, even if not accurate to the last cent, may help you to know the range in which the car is worth.

Most of the time online car valuations are free. Some cases, due to the limitation of information, the amount may prove to be overestimated or underestimated from the actual value set in the current car market. Due to different tools in car evaluation adopted by various websites, they may end up giving varied price ranges of the same cars with same conditions, causing confusion among the sellers. is one of the most reliable specialist car buying companies in Dubai that provides an ideal estimate for a used car’s value through its online car valuation tool.

Car Dealers

As car dealers are always dealing with buying and selling cars in the used and new car market, they are aware of the current price range for every car brand and model.

They may be an option to go to for car valuation, but most of the time they charge for it and may not be reliable. They might also tell you an underestimated value, if you want to sell it to them, so that they can earn double the profit by selling it for a high price further.

Car Buying Specialists

These are professionals in the field of cars and its valuation. These companies are relatively reliable in terms of getting a value against your used car. With the combination of online car valuation and auctioning through car dealers and private buyer, these car buying specialists are reliable in terms of price of the car in the current market. They also offer free car valuation services too.

With their cutting-edge car buying services and reliable procedures, is the ultimate place to sell a car after getting done with its valuation.

Reliable Payment Methods

Having your car valued does not end the game here! After the sale, the major obstacle comes in terms of getting the final settlement amount safely and in full. Some of the secure and reliable payment options can be the following:

Payment in Cash

Getting ready cash in full amount against your used car is the best method of payment, when it comes to selling your used car to private buyers or even car dealers. This is because you can avoid any credit payment or even installments.

Nevertheless, this can be a hassle and an inconvenience to the buyer if it involved a huge amount.

Payment through Bank transfer

In case of huge payment of settled price, direct bank transfer can be a great payment method. This allows the amount to be credited quickly and easily without any hassle of cheques or installments. The only thing needed in this method is minimum bank account details. That’s it!

Trade-In Option

If you are considering to sell your used car in the hope of using the amount from the sale to get a new car, then trade-In option may be suitable for you.

How much should I sell my car for is a question that is answered by the Trade-In option in a fairly straightforward manner. Trade in Option allows you to get a new car against your used old car, writing off the amount against the worth of the used car and only allowing you to pay the amount over and above it to match the retail of the new car. Through this you can get a new car against your old car at the point of sale. Trade-In option is not always a good option because it limits the profits you can get from selling a used car and discounts on buying a new car.