How much should I sell my car for? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. People often come to car experts and want an answer for that. Frankly, it is one of the most difficult decisions to make. Since the owner of a car has sentimental values attached to it, it becomes difficult for them to distance themselves from their car and evaluate it as a buyer would.

However, it is not impossible. As long as you research on your vehicle and understand its current market standing, you can easily make a decision. You should research as often as you think “I should sell my car today.” Many times we are delaying the inevitable, research is boring, but it is necessary.

Here are some tips that will help you with research and setting a price for your car.

How Much Should I Sell My Car For – The Market Demand!

It all depends upon the market demand of your car and its model. Just deciding “I want to sell my car” is not enough. You will have to ask yourself questions such as: is your car is demand in the used car market? Is this is the right to sell your car?

Here are some things that you should consider. These will also help you answer these questions and make the process easier for you.

  • Selling a sports car or a convertible is much harder in the winter and fall months. When you sell it in the summers and warmer seasons, you will be able to get a much better price for them, largely because its features can be enjoyed more fully then.
  • Family sedans are largely bought by people who need a vehicle and they want an inexpensive ride. So the price of sedans will always be less.
  • Vans and trucks are often used for recreation and to go to and from work. They are great value and must always have competitive rates.
  • If you have collector’s cars, they will definitely take longer to sell. And if you find the right buyer, you will get a great price for it.

Observe the Competition

Before you make a decision, you need to make sure that you check the competition. Simply believing “I can quote maximum cash for my car” is not enough. You need to be smart, or else, you will be left with no buyer and a very old car. Check what other people are quoting for their car with the same make and model. You can check multiple classified websites and see what people are setting as the asking price for their cars like yours.

Always remember that these are the asking prices for their cars. Also, when you are checking the asking prices, make sure that you also see the mileage of those cars, their condition and the location of these cars, because collectively, they matter a lot.

Decide On a Competitive Price

The key to selling any car is by setting a competitive price. There is no way you can sell your car quickly and easily by asking for a very high price. Always remember that you need to leave room for a little negotiations. Of course, everyone tries to bargain and negotiate the price. After you complete your market research, you will know how much your car is actually worth. For example, if your car is worth AED 100,000, ask for AED 101,000 so that when you negotiate, you can get at least what it is worth or something little extra above it. This way you can ensure that you get at least some profit on your car.

Trust Your Gut

Many times, you can avoid a lot of hassles and problems if you trust your gut. Selling your car gets easier if you follow your instincts. Simply thinking “I am selling my car” is not enough. You need to ask yourself questions and you will know what you should do.

  • If your instinct tells you that you can sell your car for a much higher rate, go for it. However, do not be stubborn.
  • If it is taking months and months to sell your car at a higher rate, lower the price little by little and you will definitely find results.

Another way to answer the question: How much should I sell my car for is by taking it to a specialist car buyer. They will physically inspect your car and can give you an accurate quote for it. You do not even have to take your car to them. Simply go to their website and fill in their free online evaluation form. They will give you an estimated quote. If you like it, they can physically inspect it as well and if you like their offer, you can even sell your car to them. For a great offer on your used car, visit