The price conscious people prefer buying a used car in Dubai instead of buying a brand new car. The used cars are bought because they are available in a wide variety at affordable prices.  The used car market of Dubai offers amazing car models from world’s top car brands. Buying a used car saves cost in many ways and you can easily find any model of second-hand cars in the UAE with ease. Let’s do a cost vs. value comparison for justifying the buying of a second-hand car in Dubai over the new car.

Variety of Models available as used Cars

The used car market of the UAE is full of large variety of car models have exciting features. In the used car market, you can find any car model of sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks and hybrid cars. The large category of vehicles lets you choose a car which best suits your lifestyle

Buying a Used car in Dubai can lower Maintenance Cost

In the UAE, there are a large number of car service stations which provide services in fewer prices. The car prices and their service charges are affordable in the UAE. Therefore, having a used car and maintaining it properly is not a big deal in the Middle East. But the maintenance cost of new vehicle is more than the used cars as a small dent in the new car can cost a hefty amount of money.

Price of New Car Drops Quickly

When you buy a new car and check out of a showroom, its price drops nearly 20% at that time while the price further drops to approximately 40% during in the first two years. A used car in Dubai would not depreciate at such a high pace.

Tax saving on buying a used car

The sales tax is adjusted with the price of the new car. Thus, the car buyers have to pay the tax while buying a new car. In contrast, you don’t have to pay any tax while buying a used car. Similarly, the registration fee is also saved on second-hand cars.

New car buying process involves several fees

For buying a new car, you have to pay several fees from the very beginning of the process. You have to pay car registration fee and then the title of the car is assigned to you. The dealers also charge an amount of money to prepare a sales contract and handle all the documentation process while buying a new car. However, these sorts of costs can be saved if you buy a used car.

In conclusion

The cost vs. value comparison has shown that different types of costs can be saved when you buy a used car in Dubai. This comparison will help the car buyers to make a rational and beneficial buying decision. The used cars are very affordable and car buyers can easily buy any car model.

Before selling your car online get an estimate of it first, so go for a free online valuation of your used car for sale.